My name is Brett Patterson (if you haven't realized my domain yet). I am 29 years old, and am a graphic designer, husband, and a father of one in sunny Southern California. I have been a professional graphic designer since 2009, where I started out at the nation's largest erectile dysfunction and men's wellness network – Boston Medical Group. Before that, I was a freelance designer at during the day and a restaurant manager at night.

My experience is in the corporate environment, but have worked alongside many award winning ad agencies, PR firms and online affiliate marketers as well as for myself. My projects range from buying and designing print ads, creating email campaigns, creative writing, website development, landing pages, collateral and trade show booths.

I am always looking to get better at what I do- there is always something to work towards. I am pretty laid back and try keep things simple but sweat the smallest of details. My objective in my career is to be valued by my peers, have a great and varied body of work, and be able to share my gifts for the benefit of my family and others. Always looking out to set myself up with those who share my passion for design and that allow creativity to thrive.