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Time Changes and Times Change

Just wanted to post the first picture I took with my new iPhone 8 Plus. I love the color and focus of this picture. It is early November and me and this little guy were outside running around playing hockey and throwing things like we do pretty much every Sunday. We decided since it wasn’t dinner time yet, but felt like it because of the time change, we would have some orange otter pop. (Bwoo as he calls it)


Such a fun weekend with this guy while our hard working mama was in Vegas for a birthday celebration.  


So yeah, I have a terrible track record for posting regularly here, but I have some good reasons not to. I was fortunate to land a job at one of the most well-known LASIK companies.  I have learned so much already since I started in August, and really have unearthed a drive and new standard at which I hold myself and others as far as design goes. It is amazing how much more full of life and creative I feel I’ve become since working here and I’m really starting to buy into the awesome people full of collaboration and positivity.

Christmas time again

Wyatt is one!

Wyatt is one!