March Update

It's that time of year when the rain begins to get out of hand (and flood your garage), then the next day the temperature rises to above 85º followed by a freezing night! Also the time of year when the Kings start playing amazing hockey because their back is against the wall.

This year is a little different, however, with the addition of our little man Wyatt! We are enjoying the ridiculous size, willingness to run (not walk) EVERYWHERE, and telling us where his feet and nose are. Also DISNEYLAND – wow this kid just loves him some Disneyland. Mickey, being outside, chewing on stroller straps, eating food that Daddy drops on him, Small World, Monsters Inc., Tiki Room, and getting to stay up WAAAY past his bedtime. What's not to love?!

Here are some pictures from our outings and of our 28lb, walking, biting 10-month old. He is very into telling you the sounds a dog, snake and fish make, as well as reading and watching anything by Ree Drummond.


Things are changing a little bit. I have decided I am going to start opening up to the idea of being a freelance designer. It is a giant, but very necessary, leap of faith and hoping that God will guide through it all. So there will be much more work on my plate but it is what I love so bring it on! This is will hopefully bring about a better work/life balance and overall happiness for me and my family, who knows maybe even a career growth spurt.

We are currently in Las Vegas enjoying time away from home and work. We just planned a trip to Palm Desert for my birthday and then we have Maui coming up in August! 🏝