Adios September

So in case y'all haven't noticed, I'm pretty preoccupied and obsessed with my son, Wyatt. He just had his 4month checkup yesterday and he really did an amazing job. He is 18lb 10oz, 26.5" long and has an 18" head circumference. While we were worried about him having such a big head, the doctor decided to measure my head which came in at a whopping 24". The average is around 20" so our little guy is just like me, which put some worry to rest 👍🏼 

i decided to really kick things into gear this month, as I will be on the road for half of it. Taking Wyatt to Dallas and then Cabo San Lucas! There will be a lot of time for working from home, which really helps me get my creativity flowing. Hoping to get a few more prints up for sale, a couple illustrations too. Of course here are of pictures of Wyatt.